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In researching the available Dead Sea Scrolls, we have found the market lacking in high-quality publishing. In order to remedy this, we have formed a team with some members of The God Culture and others who are dedicated to the restoration and understanding of these scriptures. It is our intent to publish these in Bible format, curating the margin notes and providing additional research in order to explain the purpose of these publications, their historical track in use as scripture and we have no issue testing them as scripture. When they pass the test which few scholars have ever bothered to conduct adequately, it is time to take these far more seriously. Enough of dismissing scholars and pastors who know very little of these books yet claim to be experts and many have not studied them in the slightest. Enough control paradigms leading us all back to the Dark Ages. 


Timothy Jay Schwab Philippines and Anna Zamoranos-Schwab The Levite Bible Timothy Jay Schwab PhilippinesThe temple bible book of jubilees pdf download free book of enoch apocrypha






Timothy Schwab and Anna Zamoranos-Schwab are the authors of The Search for King Solomon's Treasure, Instructional Edition: The Search for King Solomon's Treasure, Ophir Philippines and Editors and Curators of The Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar, our first publishing. You can avail yourself of their other works below.

4 Books releasing in 2020-21.

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The Search for King Solomon's Treasure Now Available:

Print and e-Book Internationally on Amazon

Preorder Print in the Philippines

The Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar Now Available:

Print Internationally on Amazon

e-Book Available worldwide for free

Coming Soon in Print to the Philippines

Ophir Philippines Coffee Table Book:

Now Available in Print in the Philippines

Other Titles Coming Soon

In his extensive experience of almost 30 years in publishing and over 30 years in ministry, Timothy leads an international research team that focuses on restoring Biblical geography to which we are in agreement. Using a very profound scientific method, they have been able to articulate a strong position on the location of these famed isles of gold – Ophir, Sheba, and Tarshish. About four years ago, their group began documenting their journey on YouTube, and over 10 million views later, the channel continues to grow. Together with his Filipina wife Anna and their team of researchers, The God Culture continues to provide content on YouTube in deep studies especially in Hebrew and restoring Biblical geography including the Ophir, Garden of Eden, Rivers from Eden, Land of Adam and Eve, Land of Creation, home of John the Baptist including restoring Qumran’s Biblical name, Lost Tribes of Israel migrations, mapping Noah’s division of the earth from the Book of Jubilees, Gog of Magog’s seat of power and allied nations, the peoples involved in the Psalm 83 War, location of Noah’s ark landing, unveiling Revelation 11 and 12, etc. and all with great revelation amending modern scholarship much of the time. As their first topic, Solomon’s Gold Series which finds Ophir has not been disproven in over four years, this research group has been validated to offer valuable insight. This book series will challenge all traditional views on these locations as it unfolds the true geography in a very methodical way yet this is not a new find as the world once knew this. The question to the scholarly community as well as academia, how exactly can you lose the entire land of gold? 

THE LEVITE BIBLE is working with this couple to curate the content of our series of Dead Sea Scrolls publishings. The first work The Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar includes dynamic maps, commentary and research to assist anyone in understanding this book. The margin notes and content has been verified and edited thoroughly and the finished product is the restoration of what many will realize is scripture and Torah.

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