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The entire modern Old Testament canon was found in Qumran with the exception of the Book of Esther. For many of these books, these are the oldest copies found and some were complete such as the 24-foot long Isaiah Scroll. After over 70 years, we still know little about this community yet the archaeology, writings of the community and the large compound found there confirm these were the Aaronic Levite Priests, the sons of Zadok, who had been exiled to the Wilderness of Judaea by the Hasmoneans and Pharisees. They were the Temple High Priests replaced by a new unbiblical order. However, today, the world allows the Pharisees to teach us about this community. No wonder we know so little. This was the base of operations for John the Baptist and his disciples where he baptized Jesus(Yahusha) and was visited by Him later privately. It is among the most well-documented New Testament communities on record and the church does not even know because it is too busy defending a control narrative that the other books found with the Old Testament are somehow cursed when Jesus(Yahusha) and John the Baptist set this library as a time capsule. In 1947, the voice in the wilderness cried out yet again. Did you hear it?



THE BOOK OF Jubilees: The Torah Calendar free pdf download timothy jay schwab philippines timothy schwab philippines book of enoch



Test the Book of Jubilees with a true Torah Test and it vets as scripture written by Moses. The Qumran Community used it as Torah in fact. Every believer should know this.



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Test the Books of 2nd and 1st Esdras with a true Torah Test and it vets as scripture written by Ezra the Prophet. We prove the Qumran Community used these and their historicity is well-established. Every believer should know this.



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As the first scribe among men, the Prophet Enoch wrote the first history of the world ever recorded by man’s hands. Prior to this seventh generation from Adam, an angel in Heaven kept an account on the Heavenly Tablets. Many have mischaracterized the Bible today misunderstanding this fact. The only writing that predates Enoch is that of the Heavenly Tablets which accounts were provided to Moses on Mt. Sinai affirmed by Jubilees, Luke, and Paul.

The Great Prophet Enoch will take you on a journey from which you may nevermore return. Once you know these things, you will never likely be the same.



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Long before the Flood, the Prophet Enoch had a series of Dream Visions. He saw man as animals of different sorts much like the best-seller George Orwell's Animal Farm describing different peoples who would become historic characters and accounts. In many ways, Enoch designed the first cartoon in expression. This book captures the essence of Enoch's extensive Dream Visions of the past in his time as well as mostly future events we now call history and beyond. A prophetic account which proves to match the Bible in it's entirety. There is no greater test of inspired scripture and we can all learn from this.

Adapted from the 1912 R.H. Charles translation of First Enoch from the Ethiopic, the language is simplified and the dynamic illustrations truly demonstrate Enoch's view. With added commentary and direction, this summary account of the Bible from Adam to the Flood to Abraham to the Temple to Messiah to the Day of Judgment will astound many. Major revelation awaits all who read this.



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VOL. 1


Scrolls Found In Qumran And Those Not Present

About 382 A.D., in the days of Jerome known for the Latin Vulgate, a new term began to be used in Bible scholarship [Charles, 81]. Certain texts of historical value and even Canon were now defined as something other than inspired scripture. The very concept is a clear redefining of books already in existence and in most cases, texts recorded as inspired scripture and Bible Canon now somehow in question by those without any such authority. This paradigm remains today even further rooted as if it ever represented the historical approach to these Old Testament texts. However, the Qumran exiled Temple Priests who were ordained by Moses were the only keepers of Old Testament Bible Canon to the First Century period. How is it that scholars have moved to replace and overrule those Moses and Jacob set in authority to determine Bible Canon for what we call the Old Testament? This Canon was already chosen before there were Pharisees in Jerusalem and before there was ever a Catholic Church. Those factions do not get to legitimately form counsels to vote on that which is already settled fact even in archaeology.



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VOL. 2


Scrolls Found In Qumran And Those Not Present

Our continuation of the Apocrypha Test.




| Research by The God Culture

Written By Timothy Jay Schwab, Philippines

Researcher, Author, Publisher, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Songwriter, Singer, Founder of The God Culture

   In the same scroll jar alone with Genesis in one instance, the Book of Jubilees was found ranking as the #6 most abundant scrolls in Qumran. Clearly important among that community of Levite priests, this tells us much as the Temple Levites were the keepers of scripture. Jacob entrusted Levi with this role in Jubilees 45:16 and Moses authorized these same Aaronic Levites in Deuteronomy 31:24-26 to do the same.  If one truly wanted to know what books were and were not included in the Bible canon at the time of Messiah, they need not look far as this preserved the Old Testament canon of scripture up until His time. There were no books yet, just scroll libraries like the one found in Qumran. 

Some attempt to force the books in the Septuagint which can be a useful publishing indeed in comparison but never as a standalone text as inerrant scripture. In fact, it too was a scroll library created in Egypt and the Aaronic Levites were not in Egypt at that time. They were in the Temple where they should be soon to be driven out into the Wilderness of Judaea. They would take their Bible, scroll library in that time, with them. This was rediscovered in 1947 and immediately the Catholic Church and Pharisees moved to redefine the Bible that was found to protect the fraud they perpetrated in those days and since.  The sect that created the Septuagint Greek translation in Egypt were not Aaronic Levite priests. These were Essenes in their attempt to hijack scripture which they would later write what they would call scripture in the Gnostic Gospels also found in Egypt. Not one Gnostic Gospel was found in Qumran nor do they coalesce with the New nor Old Testaments. 

   Essene is a name not found in the Bible even in the Greek Septuagint version demonstrating that cult has nothing to do with the Bible. The Qumran community never uses it nor anything similar. It is derived from the writings of Pliny, Josephus and others as ESSENOI, or ESSAIOI. As this is not a Bible word, we must go to an occult source to learn this originates in Egypt. In 2007, the Rosicrucian Digest weighs in on this.


Origins of the Word “Essene”

The word truly comes from the Egyptian word kashai, which means “secret.” And there is a Jewish word of similar sound, chsahi, meaning “secret” or “silent”; and this word would naturally be translated into essaios or “Essene,” denoting “secret” or “mystic.” Even Josephus found that the Egyptian symbols of light and truth are represented by the word choshen, which transliterates into the Greek as essen. Historical references have been found also wherein the priests of the ancient temples of Ephesus bore the name of Essene. A branch of the organization established by the Greeks translated the word Essene as being derived from the Syrian word asaya, meaning “physician,” into the Greek word therapeutes, having the same meaning. [9]

     Again, this is an occult source and they take credit for the Essenes as a secret cult of sorcerers. To them, that is a good thing where those of us believers know better. However, what they do not connect is the “chsahi” (kashaph: כשף: H3784) were the sorcerers and magicians in which Moses and Aaron faced in Egypt(Ex. 7:11). Some of them exited Egypt in the Exodus and settled in Ein Gedi in ancient times and not Qumran. Pliny notes they are a very ancient cult. This same sorcery and witchcraft is recorded in Canaan(Dt. 18:10), in Israel(2 Chr. 33:6) and even in Babylon(Dan. 2:2). It is the enemy of the Bible.

   Some even further connect this Aramaic word “asaya” as the origin of the word Hasmonean. These are the conquerors of the Temple in 165 B.C. who exiled the Levite Temple priest system who are rebuked by their Qumran community as the “sons of darkness.” What a world in which we live. This word is the origin of the Hasidim or Hasidic Jews of today. They are Essenes. The breakdown of the factions still exists as Rabbinic Judaism generally are Pharisees essentially with a sect of Hasidim, Essenes. Sure, they call themselves pious but they do not even remotely know the relationship of Torah. This is why we find them referring to their god as Hashem. This name is a variant of Ashima, the god of the Samaritans from whom they originate. Who would replace the name of Yahuah 6,800+ times with Lord or Ba’al in Hebrew? These Samaritans would. Any attempt to associate them with Messiah and John the Baptist is ridiculous. We were warned in the end times evil would be called good and good, evil. 

   One of the main reasons employed by many is this assumption that Essenes lived in Qumran which they never did. Attempts are even exercised claiming Jesus(Yahusha) and John believed in resurrection and somehow that is supposed to be equated to the reincarnation doctrine of the Essenes which is among the most illiterate of positions. The two doctrines are opposites as are the Essenes from the Qumran community. In fact, human spirits cannot reincarnate. The only spirits who do are demons or spirits of Nephilim when they die. They wander the dry places and when invited, they can enter a human and possess it or even an animal as Messiah cast demons into swine. Reincarnation is literally a doctrine of demons as only they reincarnate possessing the body of another. 

   Essenes originated from Egypt, though perhaps truly Mesopotamian origins ultimately thus the Aramaic, where they were known as physicians or alchemists of sort. There, they were called the Therapeutae in Greek. In Biblical terms they were sorcerers such as the false prophet identified as from Judaea, Barjesus, an Essene(Acts 13:6), the “child of the devil” according to Paul, Elymus(Acts 13:8) and the bewitching Simon the sorcerer(Acts 8:9). In Greek, Paul calls this pharmakeía(φαρμακεία: G5331) meaning medication (“pharmacy”), i.e. (by extension) magic (literally or figuratively):—sorcery, witchcraft.” 

   Revelation tells us this is the end times deception in fact playing out as “by thy sorceries were all nations deceived”(Rv. 18:23). This same sorcery is exactly what has happened with this entire narrative. Only a fool would claim Essenes lived in Qumran with no evidence, writings identifying themselves as Levites and incredibly significant Essene finds 25 miles South in Ein Gedi matching Pliny’s directions to their headquarters. No scholar could logically draw such conclusion yet the mantra is vast. This false story permeates Judaism(Pharisaism according to the Jewish Encyclopedia) and those who manage the Rockefeller-funded museum doling out the idiotic control line. The church has bought this especially in seminaries. It is a lie.

   The other list of Bible canon immediately thrown out there is that of Josephus who propagated a closed canon according to him of course. Josephus was an admitted Pharisee, Hasmonean and he was Essene trained by Banus in the wilderness(Ein Gedi) [11: The Life of Flavius Josephus]. Realize his “closed canon” which some Christians actually cite would mean the entire New Testament is not scripture and was already rebuked as ignoring part of the law or Torah according to Messiah(Jn. 5:46-47) and what they did use, they turned against scripture according to Him(Mark 7:9). That is an oxymoron many do not even think through. His listing of what the Pharisees considered scripture educate us all on the paradigm at the time of Messiah and shortly after when the New Testament was just written as it already censored Jubilees especially. That is no canon. 

   However, whom did Jacob and Moses entrust with the keeping of scripture, Torah and what we would call Bible? The Temple Levite Priests of Aaron and Josephus was not nor were the Rabbis/Pharisees or Hasidim/Essenes. We have now found this scroll library which is the only which qualifies as the Bible canon for the entire history up until the time the Temple was destroyed. The question is, whom was ever given authority to overrule these Levites? Who was given their responsibility to keep scripture? Who was given authority to overturn Messiah’s endorsement of this canon as well? Certainly not Pharisees who already threw out the Book of Jubilees in the days of Messiah. Most certainly not the cowardly general, Josephus, who ordered all of his troops to commit suicide while he failed to do so himself. Josephus is useful for history and geography to a point. However, he was no authority on scripture and his list is a spouting of Pharisee doctrine rebuked by Messiah many times. Only the Levite library records canon. Any Catholic council changing that was usurping Biblical authority it never had.

   This community left history and scripture behind so that we would all know just what was and was not considered canon. They even include commentaries on different books, additional prophecy especially of the war of the “sons of darkness” versus the “sons of light,” hymns, calendars, etc. The Hasmoneans(Essenes) and their priests(Pharisees and Sadducees) who exiled the true Aaronic Priests from the Temple are called the “sons of darkness” as they conquered the Temple and Judaea in 165 B.C. This battle will last until the very end times in their writings. The Temple was the center of worship in Jerusalem. Though the Second Temple no longer housed the ark of the covenant with Yahuah’s presence, it still received His blessing until that time. Priestly courses continued such as that of Zacharias, father of John the Baptist, in the course of Abijah(Abia) but the leadership in the Temple, in all of Judaea and essentially the world in a spiritual sense had been usurped by these “sons of darkness.” This was a fulfillment of the Psalm 83 war in which David predicted the Temple, not even built at the time of his prophecy, would be defiled by neighboring enemies in this exact sense. 

   For the Hasmoneans did not attack just the Greeks nor did they originate in Judaea.

They inhabited an area called Modi’in which is across the border into Dan controlled by

Samaria and the Philistines. They were not Hebrews nor Israelites. They were Samaritans

who were the replacements of the Northern Tribes of Israel when they were taken

captive into Assyria since around 700 B.C. This is why even in Messiah’s parable of the

Good Samaritan(Lk. 10:25-37), what was unthinkable in the paradigm of that day, was

that a Samaritan could be good. These replacements were brought into the Northern

Kingdom of Samaria and kept the name. They then attempted to infuse the worship of

Yahuah into pagan religions of their gods Ashima(Hashem), Adrammelech

(Melech/Molech/Ba’al) and others. However, this was never a sincere gesture. It was a

response to the land which had been rejecting them as they were being attacked by

wolves. They brought in a Levite Priest to teach them the rituals of the Bible. Yahuah

rejected this infusion as He always has(2 Chr. 17).

   The Pharisees and Sadducees did not exist in Jerusalem until the so-called Hasmonean Revolt in 165 B.C. You will find the Books of Maccabees as well as Esther were not found among the Qumran scrolls because neither are scripture. Both are the stories of what would become Zionism today. This was predicted not only by David but identified in Revelation as Messiah discusses the Synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews and are not but do lie(Rev. 2:9, 3:9). Even the term Jew is fraud and it never should be used in scripture as it is not of Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Old French, Old German nor Old English origin. The name of Yahuah’s people includes His own and such tribes would never remove His name from theirs. His people in the Old and New Testament are the Yahudim in Hebrew and Greek really. The shortened form of this word is Yah’s never Jews as there is no “J” in any of the languages in which the Bible has been interpreted through. The first two letters are YH(הי)  and that is Yah not Jew or Yah’s not Jews. This fraud wraps into the rest of this false narrative coming from the modern Pharisees and the Catholic Church who changed scripture and attempt to cover it up. 

   Many do not realize that Qumran is identified in the Bible. However, Qumran is it’s Muslim name oddly continued by Pharisees and modern Israel. Why would they do so when the Bible identifies this area by the name as Bethabara(Greek) or Betharabah(Hebrew). Joshua identifies the Western coastline of the Dead Sea geographically when he outlines a list in North to South progression of the cities of the Dead Sea wilderness. 


Joshua 15:61-62 KJV:  In the wilderness, Betharabah, Middin, and Secacah, And Nibshan, and the city of Salt, and Engedi; six cities with their villages.


   He begins in the North with Betharabah on the Northwestern tip. That is called Qumran today. Joshua continues as he heads South to Middin which is due South of Qumran, then further South all the way to Ein Gedi. He defined a 25 miles distance from North to South. Notice there are several cities between Betharabah(Qumran) and Ein Gedi so even if somehow Pliny meant just North instead of just above in the mountains, which is obvious, he still would not be identifying Qumran as the headquarters of the Essenes. Of course, Ein Gedi has the archaeology called “The Essene Find.”

                                                         The Madaba Mosaic Map(left), c. 6th century A.D., contains the oldest surviving original map                                                  of especially the Dead Sea and right on the intersection where the Jordon meets the Dead                                                Sea, is labeled in Greek as Βηθαβαρά or Bethabara. This is right where Joshua placed it and                                                    it is modern Qumran.

                                                          The reason this is important as well is John the Baptist baptized Messiah at Bethabara. This                                                   was not some random journey into the wilderness but a visit to the very compound and l                                                              library designed similar to the Temple where scripture was now kept outside of the Temple.                                            Messiah, Himself visited it more than once. Jesus(Yahusha) grew up and initially operated in                                                       Galilee(Mt. 2:22). He came from there, headed South to beyond Jordan. The Jordan is                                                                  not simply the Jordan River in scripture but the entire Jordan Plain or Jordan Valley (Gn.                                                              13:10). This does not indicate crossing the river but into the Wilderness of Judaea at                                                                    Qumran right on the border.

Luke 3:2-4 KJV:  ...the word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness.

And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the

remission of sins; As it is written in the book of the words of Esaias the prophet, saying, The

voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.


Matthew 3 KJV  

1: In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea...

5-6: Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judaea, and all the region round about Jordan,

And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins.


The Wilderness of Judaea (Chambers Map, right) is very specifically the area along the West

coast of the Dead Sea. It is not nor ever has referred to the Jordan Plain or Valley nor River

other than before there was a Dead Sea perhaps which was likely created by the destruction

of Sodom. This has been known all along even on many maps until the 20th century.  


Matthew 3:13 KJV:  Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of



Where did Jesus (Yahusha) come from? Galilee. He travels South to Jordan. Where in Jordan?

This verse is not specific. 


John 1:28 KJV: These things were done in Bethabara beyond Jordan, where John was



Now, we have details rather than a general area. Jesus (Yahusha) came from Galilee heading

South. He enters the Jordan Valley region and he travels “beyond” the Jordan Valley to a place

called Bethabara. Where is this? The Jordan ends to the South at the Dead Sea and on the

Northwest corner of the Dead Sea is Bethabara where John operated and baptized Messiah.

It does not say he crossed the Jordan changing directions to the go to the East. It says he

travels South beyond Jordan to Bethabara. This is very clear and maps agree. This is Qumran. 

   The word beyond in Greek here is peran (πέραν) meaning “other side, beyond, over, farther

side.” This is where many scholars go wrong by forgetting the orientation of the region from

Galilee South which does not enter the East side of the Jordan which is still the Jordan Valley.

It progresses beyond the Jordan Valley to the Wilderness of Judaea where John is said to be based. There is a reason. 

   John was an Aaronic bloodline Levite Priest qualified to be of High Priestly caste. He was not some hermit living under a tree eating locusts and honey. He was a righteous Aaronic Levite Priest operating in the place where his people had been exiled in the Wilderness of Judaea in Bethabara which today is called Qumran. This forerunner to Messiah, the Elijah come again, wore camel’s hair clothing (Mt. 3:4, Mk. 1:6) akin to sackcloth as in mourning. John ate locust and honey which are both in the Biblical, covenant diet. He was essentially living the oath of a Rechabite but he was not poor and he did not live under a tree. He also is in no way the same as Banaah from the Talmud though attempts are made as Banaah lived 2-3 centuries later. John the Baptist was no Essene nor Pharisee nor was anyone in the Qumran community. John baptized mostly in fresh springs in clean water not the muddy waters of the Jordan River which few would desire to participate.  Bethabara (Qumran) had fresh water. There is no disputing Qumran is Bethabara where Messiah was baptized and John and the Levites operated. This is the new location of the Temple practice where scripture was kept thus Bible.


                                                    THE ESSENES OF EIN GEDI

                                                    “On the west side of the Dead Sea, but out of range of the noxious exhalations of the coast,                                                      is the solitary tribe of the Essenes...”

                                                    “Lying below the Essenes was formerly the town of Engedi...”  “Next comes Masada...” [10]

                                                     – Pliny the Elder, Natural History (Book V)


                                                    Pliny, a geographer, indisputably located the Essenes in the mountains overlooking Ein Gedi,                                                      25 miles South of Qumran. He even anchors it to Masada just to the South and that is the                                                            Southern tip not near Qumran.

                                                    This is affirmed in mass-scale archaeology called “The Essene Find” in Ein Gedi. This                                                                    included a very ancient temple identified as a Chalcolithic Temple, c. 4th millennium B.C.,                                                            which was not built by the Essenes but likely part of their compound in the mountains. 

                                                    Also, archaeologists discovered a synagogue with many symbols identifying these Essenes                                                          as the secret cult throughout history fitting to everything we know about the Essenes who                                                            never lived in Qumran. 

                                                    They were obsessed with peacocks as they worship the Peacock Angel(Persian) identified by                                                      many as the Nephilim deity known as Asmodeus. They etched swastika on the wall, very                                                              prominently display an 8-pointed star of Ishtar on the floor in tile, etc. They even offer what                                                          appears a very Freemasonic warning on the wall.   

                                                    There is no actual coherent data placing Essenes in Qumran. 

                                                       Sources from "The Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar."  pp. 11-19.

                                                                    | Research by The God Culture

                                                                    | Written By Timothy Jay Schwab, Philippines

                                                                                        Researcher, Author, Publisher, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Songwriter, Singer, Founder of The God Culture

Modi'in Map Hasmonean Origin
bethabara where jesus baptized The Levite Bible Timothy Jay Schwab PhilippinesThe temple bible book of jubilees pdf download free book of enoch apocrypha

Above: Jordan. Madaba (biblical Medeba) - St. George’s Church. Fragment of the oldest floor mosaic map of the Holy Land - the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. [13]

1770, Bonne Map of Israel. Rigobert Bonne 1727 – 1794. [12] 

The Levite Bible Timothy Jay Schwab PhilippinesThe temple bible book of jubilees pdf download free book of enoch apocrypha bethabara qumran

1770, Bonne Map of Israel. Rigobert Bonne 1727 – 1794 [12]. 

1836, Tanner Map of Palestine, Israel, Holy Land. [14]

1845, Chambers Map of Palestine, Israel, Holy Land. [16]

Inset of 1852, Philip Map of Palestine, Israel, Holy Land. [17] 

Remnants of a Chalcolithic Temple (4th millennium BCE). [18] 

Essenes ein gedi The Levite Bible Timothy Jay Schwab PhilippinesThe temple bible book of jubilees pdf download free book of enoch apocrypha

Tile mosaic on synagogue floor. [18]

Essene synagogue in Ein Gedi.  [18]

Peacock symbols abound. [18]

Persian worship on a synagogue? Now that is Essene doctrine certainly not the Qumran scrolls where they never lived.

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